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One of the most hated words in the dictionary is “DIET”! As a society we are so preoccupied with weight loss that is almost epidemic. The sad part is that some fad diets are hazardous to your health, even deadly. The miserable truth is that 85% of people will lose weight, the trick is keeping it off. Only 15% of all people will keep it off.

How do we determine if we need to lose weight?

That is one of the most important questions that is usually overlooked. How do you find out? The old fashioned charts for height and age you find in the doctor’s office? Well it is a start but not an accurate answer. The answer is in the “Body Mass Index” or BMI. You can go to a gym or your local rec centre and they will perform a few test and give you an accurate BMI result. There are a few BMI calculators on the internet, but why take a chance – get it taken correctly.

As we know there are all types of body types and sizes. The BMI rating is the best way to determine what you need to look at. BMI categories:

Underweight      =            <18.5

Normal Weight =            18.5 – 24.9

Overweight        =            25 – 29.9

Obese                   =            > 30

Once we know the news what can we do?

Follow the following guidelines at all times:


Drink more water

By drinking more water you flush out your system and eliminate toxins and byproducts more efficiently. It also increases your metabolism which help you burn more calories. A government study shows that by drinking 30 minutes before eating you eat less and can lose 44% more weight. Yes the old adage of drinking eight 8 ounce glasses of water should be your goal. If you drink more than that make sure that you use a electrolyte supplement in your water.

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Cut out sugar

There is more sugar in food than ever before, which means we eat more sugar than we need.

Here are the top weight loss methods to make yourself feel better and be healthier. The National Institute of Health estimate that we get 15 % of our calories because of sugar single-handedly. This added sugar causes obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, chronic inflammation, and more. Start reading those labels, there are over 61 different names for sugar and anything ending in “ose” is also a type of sugar.

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Reduce Carbs

Sounds easy but carbs are found in grains, fruits, vegetables, and milk; they are starches, fiber, and sugar. The best thing that you can do is reduce or eliminate sodas, sweetened drinks, refined grains, and sugar.

Moderation in everything, don’t diet eat healthy

You did not gain weight, start feeling crummy, or get all those aches and pains overnight; it took time. Don’t rush getting better. It will take time and patience. Dieting rarely works, do the work to be a healthier, happier, and fitter person.

Here are some of the top weight loss methods to make yourself feel better and be healthier

Balancing your gut bacteria

If your tummy isn’t working properly your whole body will be out of whack. There are around 37 trillion different types of bacteria in your stomach to help keep you healthy and digest your food properly. Unfortunately the toxins in our water, air, food, and certain types of medication affect these bacteria negatively.

What can we do? Increase the amount of fruits, vegetables, and grains in our system to about 755 of our meal content. Fermented foods will play a huge part in promoting gut health. These include sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, yogurt, tempeh, and miso. Finally, by increasing the prebiotic foods like fruits, vegetables, chicory root, artichoke, onion, garlic, to name a few, they will stimulate the growth and activity of good bacteria.

Barley is the new Oatmeal

Web MD reports that barley is a hunger fighting titan. The Swedish team that did the research stressed that you must eat the hulled barley, it keeps your blood sugar level and help avoid the blood sugar spike and subsequent drop which is what makes you feel hungry.

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More Low-Impact activity

Low-impact does not mean low-calorie, just the opposite. Low-impact just means that there is less stress and pain on your joints allowing you to do more of what is good for you. What are some of these terrific activities? There is walking, cycling, elliptical machines, swimming, watewr aerobics, to name a few. Start by doing an activity for 30 minutes a day every second day and then slowly turn it up.

Best commercial weight loss program

Weight Watchers scored the highest for overall weight loss and fast weight loss, and experts said it's a smart, effective diet. Although still used to shed pounds, with a focus on living healthier, Weight Watchers is about far more than its name might indicate. Its WW Freestyle program, launched in late 2017, builds on its SmartPoints system, which assigns every food and beverage a point value, based on its nutrition. The newest program expands dietary options that are 0 points from only fruits and vegetables to more than 200 foods. A backbone of the plan is multi-model access (via in-person meetings, online chat or phone) to support from people who lost weight using Weight Watchers, kept it off and have been trained in behavioral weight management techniques.

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