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5 keys to a Successful Life-Saving Strength Program

Your life may depend on your muscular strength according to Scientists. They have determined that muscular strength is one of the strongest predicators of mortality that we have.

We all agree that people of all ages, participation levels, and fitness levels need to look at some form of strength and conditioning. It will increase your muscle strength but more importantly cure back pain, knee pain, and hip pain.

But what is strength?

There is talk about force, resistance, what you can life, carry, or pull without causing damage to yourself. Experts talk about enhanced speed, endurance, brute power, and absolute strength, but what does that mean?

There is a lot of debate about the definition of strength but I like what Todd Hargrove wrote: "How about a small, simple definition for strength? Ability. To be strong is to have ability. In life, in the gym, and in relationships. The ability to overcome the physical, emotional, or subjective obstacles that hinder our progress as human beings. That is strength."

Where does strength come from? Basically it is a partnership between diet and exercise. Your body needs energy and then transfers this energy into movement to do various tasks. By stretching, contracting, and moving your muscles you build strength and stamina. This strength and stamina helps protect your body and makes better use of the energy that you store in your body. Your diet depends on the intensity and duration of your exercise session, and vice-a-versa.

Key Successful Training Tips:

1.       Keep it simple:

Try to keep everything consistent; your repetitions, weight, and timing. It is the best way to gauge your improvement and tempo.

Some people like to use different days to exercise different muscle groups, but this in fact works against you because what you may gain one day will be lost by not having your joints and muscles ready a few days later. It is more efficient and healthier to work on Push and Pull days, with all body exercises.

By doing all body exercises you maximize calories burn and release more muscle-building hormones than hitting one area at a time.

2.      Warm-up properly

Always start each session with a cardio workout so that the muscles are warmed up, relaxed, and the oxygen is pumping through your veins. From there, depending on the part of your body you are exercising start with 50% of your normal weight and do 10-20 easy reps to get the muscles acclimatized.

3.      For all age groups "core strength" is the most important

It is essential to make sure you train your core to avoid the most common injuries that occur in daily life. Core training refers to your midsection and involves all your muscles in that area including front, side, and back. It helps with your balance, flexibility, and strength. It also help dramatically in toning and losing weight.

4.      Do your heaviest work first

It only makes sense to do your heavy lifting first, after your warm up and core routine. This is when you have the most energy, focus, and balance. Psychologically it makes a difference too. When you do your heavy work first as your go progressively lower in weight, it will feel so much lighter mentally than it physically is.

5.      Focus on form, not weight.

You can damage yourself so easily if you start with too much weight. It is better to learn the proper technique with less weight and then build it up gradually, than going for max right away. Some experts say that is might even be a good idea to start with no weight. It is essential to have slow, smooth controlled action to safely fire all the muscles and let them build.

To summarize; make a plan, warm up, work on your core, do your heavy work first, focus on form not weight so that you can live long and prosper.


Better Health and Energy = More Productivity = Fun and Success!

John Abdo is an expert in weight training, aerobics, polymetrics, fat loss, athletic strength training, health and nutrition. He is the co-host and co-producer of the popular weekly fitness television series Training and Nutrition 2000 which John began in 1985. John is the personal training of choice for legions of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, health seekers and people who what to feel great about themselves. His multitudes of "Doers" (as John's fans are affectionately called) have made John Abdo a household name when it comes to staying in shape the best, safest, simplest way possible.

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