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Pre and Post Natal Water Fitness

Very few things in life feel better than floating in a warm pool taking the pressure off of all your joints and feeling weightless. Ahhhh!

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But pools are yucky

Yet, some people are still saying yuck who wants to be in water that is being used by multitudes of other people. The truth is that with today’s rules and regulation pool and hot tubs are carefully maintained and constantly tested for sanitary conditions. The chemicals and systems used to clean our public facilitates are so much more environmentally friendly and safer than ever before. Warning, do not go in the hot tub for obvious reasons.

Using a noodle

Studies have shown that exercises in the water using a noodle is the most supportive piece of equipment for the growing uterus. It allows maximum circulation and buoyancy. The key to successful fitness and exercise for mom and baby is to have maximum oxygen flow and concentrated support. This support is another excellent advantage to being in the water, mom and baby get a gentle massaging action from the compression of the water which relaxes the overworked muscles and joints.

How hard should I push myself?

Your body is going through a lot of changes in a relatively short period of time and needs help adjusting and supporting the aches and pains associated with these changes. If you are used to exercising and know how your body feels during this time then you should limit your exertion to about 60%-70% of your normal in the first trimester, 50% in the second trimester, and 30% in the third trimester. Experts agree that limiting your heart rate to about 140 bpm maximum.

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Work on your core

It is no surprise that keeping your core strong and flexible is extremely important. That is why water fitness is important and it allows you to exercise and stretch more while keeping the stress off of your joints. If at all possible exercise 3-5 days a week before pregnancy and 3-4 times a week after pregnancy.

What are some of the things you can do?

The American congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists agree that water fit programs are a safe and relaxing way to keep physically fit while pregnant. Generally speaking being in the water gives you the opportunity to have a total body workout.

Water walking is a great way to warm up. Many pools have specific lanes available for water walking so you don’t have to worry about getting bumped and jostled. From there you can do a short routine of water jumping jacks, stretching elbow to opposite knee, back-leg curl, side to side lunges, squats and bringing your knees up as high as possible.

In slightly deeper water you can do scissor kicks, treading water, breast stroke lengths,

Things to watch out for

1.   If you are overly tired

2.   When you become dizzy

3.  If you have shortness of breath

4.   Feeling faint

5.   Vaginal bleeding

6.   Contractions

7.   Unusual absence of fetal movement

8.   Dehydration – drink lots of water

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