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Have you been impacted by back pain?

Has your quality of life been impacted by back pain?

You're not alone...

 In December 2012, a study on the Global Burden of Disease found musculoskeletal conditions, such as arthritis and back pain, affect more than 1.7 billion people worldwide. In addition, these conditions are the 2nd greatest cause of disability and have the 4th greatest impact on the overall health of the world population. 

Why is this such a growing concern?

After puberty, the joints in our bodies stop growing, and we begin the inevitable journey of compression and degeneration.  As the cushioning in our joints desiccates and erodes, our joints can become inflammatory and painful; and sometimes as this process occurs it damages our nerves, particularly in the spine.  In the case of the spine, these nerves control most of the muscles in our body, as well as most organs and glands.  This means that it is imperative to good health that we keep our spinal joints healthy. The tricky part is that sometimes we feel the compression in our joints, but sometimes we don't.  This is similar to having a cavity in our teeth that doesn't produce pain. We only feel a cavity once it's rotten through to the nerve root.  This is too late.

Our spine is designed to protect our nervous system. Our nervous system controls every function in our body.  Yet, as a society we have been given the wrong road map with respect to our spinal health.  We often only pay attention to our spine when it has broken down, compromising nerve function.  This is a scenario that leads to pain, lost time at work, inability to perform activities of daily living and depression.

Most of us have developed habits for our nutrition and know that eating white bread, grain fed animal protein, and high sugar beverages and snacks leads to inflammation and a myriad of chronic health issues.  Most of us have begun adding more omega 3's, grass fed animal protein, some probiotics, and vitamin D to our daily rituals.

Most of us have learned to add exercise and activity into our daily habits to increase necessary blood flow to our joints and cells and provide us with that essential endorphin kick.

Most of us have learned to acquire serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin constructively in our lives rather than getting caught in cycles of depressive states, feeling resentful or unfulfilled.

Most of us have developed habits for our oral health including brushing, possibly flossing, dental hygiene and annual dental exams that often include X-rays to comprehensively evaluate our oral health.

The interesting thing is that it's our nervous system which controls the function of all other systems in the body, and yet we leave it to deteriorate, only seeing a chiropractor when it has broken down enough that we feel the warning signs that something is wrong. Or worse yet, we take pills to mask the pain and the underlying problem.

It is much easier to keep your spine and nervous system healthy than it is to fix it once it has deteriorated. Imagine functioning optimally into your 80s and beyond…You can!  Imagine learning how to monitor and improve as you age, rather than accepting deterioration and disability.  You can!

 Learn how to become Backfit!  "transforming lives from pain and pills to performance and prevention"  

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