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Welcome to Mind X Magazine!

MXM was born from the idea to provide brain entertainment and fun to users in a periodical basis.

Mind X Magazine’s mission is to provide users with a high quality activity book that will help them keep their minds active during their leisure, waiting, and commuting time.

MXM offers an opportunity for businesses to advertise products and services useful for the community.

Lastly, Mind X Magazine wants to support/sponsor organizations and institutions dedicated to the wellbeing of Vancouver Island.

As an immigrant from Mexico, who came with a husband and 3 young kids, Victoria soon became our second home, we were gladly surprised by the warmth and support we received from so many people.

After working 8 years for a non-profit organization dedicated to advocate for public health issues in BC, I became aware of the importance of a healthy mind and body, and how prevention and health promotion is the key to a healthy BC.

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