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Aladuraism: A Praying Force

Written By Aidan Forshaw

    Aladura is a religion started in 1918 by one J.B. Sadare in West Virginia, and its name translates to 'praying people' in Yoruba. The religion itself is based on the act of faith healing, otherwise known as the act of wishing and hoping something such as sickness or injury away with positive thoughts and prayers. The religion itself is a subset of Christianity, and is often regarded as being in the same category as Anglicism and Methodist movements. The religion also has various problems with African religions, viewing them in an ill light, and often trying to 'stamp' them out. This leads to the burnings of their items and symbols, and high tensions between the two religions.

    However, not all religions are negative when it comes to a member of Aladura. In fact, it is essential a member of the church stay positive, especially when praying, as otherwise, 'bad things' will happen instead of the good they are praying for. Such things include the return of illness', misfortune, and other such grievances. Their belief in the power of prayer was so strong, that the group itself rejected the act of infant baptisms and all medicine, both modern, and traditional. This caused the group to be separated from the other branches of the church, and nearly spelt the end for the religion itself. However, during an influenza outbreak in 1918, the group gained a foothold in Virginia, where they were supposedly healing the ill, and at one point 'resurrected' a man. This allowed them both the funds, and support needed to build a church for their religion, where it still stands today.

    Aladura is split between two categories, Pentecostals, and Spiritualists. Pentecostals are the ones who believe that any illness or injury can be healed through the act of prayer and positive belief. They generally serve the roles of either priests or reverends, spreading their word to all who listen. Spirituals are those who believe in a greater cause in life, and go out to help or bless people in the world. This consists of what used to be witch hunters and inquisitors. Today, it is mainly about helping out in third world countries, or giving last rites to soldiers.

    Of course, with allĀ  religions, there are the spiritual leaders and divine figures. In Aladurac religion, these figures consist of Moses Orimolade who is known as the Praying Father, and the one who created the Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim Society in 1925, and is seen as a Saint in their system, and worship both God, and Jesus Christ. When the religion first started, it had over one million followers, and with reforms, it has reached over three million followers all around the world today.

    Lastly, the religion, as far as they go, is still fairly new. With barely a century to its name, it has very few long standing traditions, and mostly consists of its base tenants as guidelines. These guidelines are the same that you would find in any other Christian based religion, such as do not steal, do no harm, ect. The only unique tradition concerning the religion is the act of preying when someone is sick, injured, or otherwise impaired in the community. However, this relatively new church has spawned two other churches in the wake of them gaining their own chapel. These churches consist of The Celestial Church of Christ, and The Celica Church of Christ, which were created and announced in 1947 and 1992 respectively.

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