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Breaking Down the Walls of Stress

by: Chuck Groot

    Breaking down the walls (stressors) of stress is the key to living a more productive lifestyle. If we learn and practice stress management techniques we are reducing stress by minimizing stressors.

    Your communication, thoughts, beliefs, decisions, behaviors and so forth play a role in how you life is arranged. If you believe that nothing ever good comes to people then you are building a wall of negative believing and thinking. To rearrange your thinking you can review all the good rewards of your past and acknowledge all the good that came to many people around the world for doing good deeds and making wise decisions.

    You could also review the bad that came in your life for making bad decisions and also review the history of humankinds and how their bad decisions affected many, including them self. After you are done weighing the scale, you will then see that good does come to people.

    Life can bring us many rewards if we have the right stress management tools. When a person is stressed, common sense should tell them to take a few deep breaths and relax. If a person is overwhelmed with stress exercising can minimize the stress and help clear the mind. When the mind is cluttered, we are at risk of making bad decisions.

    I want to share my stressful situation with you. Writing is a great gift and art, but sometimes it is the most frustrating task to handle. Writing articles, books and other publishable pieces has many steps to follow. However, I minimize my stress by viewing writing as a gift and a source for learning.

    My goodness I have written around 50 articles on stress management and you would think that I am ready to blow a fuse. I am writing the articles from my own experiences and it sometimes brings forth a wealth of stress, since I have to pull up all my resources. I am learning from this experience however and it has proven to be a great source for me, since I am not only writing about stress, I am studying human behaviors, the human mind and the human body, as well as producing helpful tips for relieving stress. Therefore, I turned my negative stress upside down producing a positive reward.

    This is all part of breaking down the walls of stress. How we view, stressors can also determine our ability to cope with stress. Stressors are a stimulating force that causes stress. Stressors include, financial obligations, family pressures, life pressures, results from bad decision making, medical, mental, and so forth. We can see how we can break down the walls of stress by looking at examples. Pretend you are working at a high-paced job that has overwhelming demands of you. Your job involves arranging meetings, meeting deadlines, and overseeing an area of the business. Each day you are expected to handle each task sufficiently to avoid complications.

    Now your boss has asked you to handle a particular task that will include increase of revenue for the business, since your responsibility is to produce an effective advertisement slick that will focus on a specific product. You begin the task and consider all details required to make the advertisement slick effective. Once you begin the process, you decide that other products of interest to you might benefit the source in question. Therefore, you begin designing and creating additional information jumping completely off track of the subject. You have spent several hours of company's time and finally finish the task and hand it to the boss for review. The boss approaches you and asks you what were you thinking when you designed these slick? You tell him what your goal included.

    Now you have a problem since you made a bad decision. You are already pressured from the job and now the pressure increases since your boss is angry that you did not follow plans as instructed. If you would have handled the task as instructed the results would probably proved fruitful, however, you are adding stressors to your life and increasing your stress.

    Breaking down the walls of stress includes making good decisions and following the guidelines that help us to do what is right.

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