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Yves Rocher was a creator of healing and beauty products well ahead of his time. Through mail order he created a much loved company based on natural ingredients, humane practices, and quality. He very much believed in giving back and led the way to environmentalism before there ever was such a thing.

Every day, we are committed to taking action for the beauty of women and nature.


An Eco-friendly cosmetic company way before its time

Way ahead of his time, the ground breaking businessman, Yves Rocher, was born April 7, 1930 in La Gacilly, France. When he was 14 he learned the secrets from a local healer, for creating healing ointments and salves. He started selling these by mail order by placing ads in the famous Parisian Magazine, Ici Paris.

This foray into entrepreneurship was highly successful and he broadened his offerings to other natural health and beauty products. His famous lines of natural products makeup, skin and hair care, and perfumes.

Right from the beginning he refused to test his products on animals!

He was quoted as saying, “If you have to test your products on animals you don’t know what you are doing.”

The company also led the way in giving back to the world;

“Since the very beginning, in the contemporary village of La Gacilly in France, and now all over the world, our mission has been to take action in order to leave a positive footprint on the planet.”

Below is just a fingernail sketch of how the Yves Rocher foundation has given back to protect the environment. They also believe that Women of action deserve to be honoured. That is why Jacques Rocher created the Terre de Femmes award, which reward each year to extraordinary women who fight each and every day to protect the environment.

We work to constantly improve in order to provide you with products that are mainly of natural origin and proven effectiveness.

Yves Rocher practice what they preach, natural ingredients, refillable packaging, basic packaging is bio-degradable, fair trade, community programs, and support programs for green initiatives.

Be beautiful both inside and out. Look good, feel good, and do good with products from Yves Rocher



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